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Default 4/12 CGSSA On Target Shoot

Come on out and join us for the April CGSSA shoot. As usual, we will have all kinds of interesting and unusual firearms there for you to try.

Please note that the price has now been raised to $15.00 per person. This is the range fee, not CGSSA which does not charge anything to hold or attend these events.

Please review the following details pertaining to the meet:
Date: 3/8/19
Time: 6:30 to 8:30 (dinner to follow)

Price: New price is now $15.00 for the shoot for ALL attendees, both member and non-member. (Talk to On Target owner if you want to change that)

Pistols - Relaxed one round per second rule. Double taps OK. You break it, you bought it for hangers and fixtures.
Rifles - rifle permit REQUIRED (pistol calibers are exempt), can be had by attending a rifle permit class on Sunday mornings @ 10AM, anything less than 338 Lapua is good to go. . . and yes, ARs/AKs are welcome!

If you want/need a rifle class - chime in and let me know and I will try to get one for us

Shotguns - minimum distance is 7-yard line, and ONLY slugshot sold at the range will be allowed for use.

Brass Recovery (since there seems to be confusion) - Let the staff know you are recovering your own brass, and clean up your area before you start so you do not mistakenly pick up other people's brass.

REMINDER: - Please police after yourselves at the range. On Target has been gracious enough to grant several concessions to make this event a success month after month. We should return the courtesy when utilizing their facilities, and take responsibility for our actions. . . after all, we do want to portray Calgunners as responsible gun owners, right? If we find that you hit a hanger, we will make sure the staff is aware. . . NO EXCEPTIONS!

If you are planning on attending, please respond to the thread so we have a good headcount.
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