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Default RDS + Magnifier + BUIS Placement

I know this has come up before... just looking for fresh perspectives.

I'm using a magnifier for the first time behind a RDS. The issue is, of course, eye relief.

My current arrangement is micro RDS, followed by the magnifier, followed by my rear BUIS. The magnifier is one of the newer "micro" types, with decent eye relief but due to it's shorter size and my normal LOP on my adjustable stock, I'm finding I get a ton of "scope shadow" in my viewport.

I do not want to remove my BUIS, and the magnifier will likely not be mounted most of the time - but I want to reserve rail space for when I do want it without losing my zero on either the BUIS or RDS.

I'm considering moving the rear BUIS to be in between the RDS and the magnifier, as there is plenty of space for it to fold down there (due to the micro magnifier and micro RDS). My front BUIS is right behind the muzzle, since I'm running a full length rail - so I think my sight radius is fine with this configuration.

I have seen some competition folks run their BUIS in front of their RDS even... but in my particular case I do enjoy my RDS being as far forward on the receiver as possible.

Thoughts on this configuration? Looking for pro's, con's, and some experienced insights.
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