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Originally Posted by SemperInExcretiaSumus View Post
The BMP is similarly priced, but has a stock that is focused on precision shooting. The HMR is like an amalgamation for hunting and precision. It sounds like you want to do precision shooting.

The LRP is like the BMP, but with an upgraded trigger, action, and more stock adjustment from the factory. All of them have fully floated barrels. The HMR Pro gets you the upgraded action, trigger, and a stainless barrel.

I would honestly shy away from a factory Rem 700, just because the barrel, you will want to upgrade pretty quickly after you start shooting-- which ultimately will cost more than just buying a rifle with an upgraded barrel like Tikka or Bergara.
I would never plan to hunt with it so weight is not issue. Mainly precision shooting as you mention. Seems like many like the begera
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