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Originally Posted by sfarchitect View Post
Hard to beat the RPRs as far as $/performance. I know three folks that have 6.5CM RPR's and love 'em. I've shot them and liked them. The Tikas & Howas are also nice rifles. I see a lot of both on the rifle lines. But if you can spend even a little more money, I'd go for the Bergara personally. The fit & finish based on the ones I've seen, IMO are plainly better then the comparable Tikka or Howa products. The BMP or LRP are just beautifully designed and built. If the choice is the Bergara B-14 HMR(that's the current model yes?) v the RPR, that is a tough call. Those are kind of different critters OP. That all said, I do not have lots of time behind one OP. Others are probably more qualified to speak to that.

I know a lot of folks don't, but I happen to like the stock on the RPR's, do you OP? The B-17 HMR is a more conventional hunting style stock. I've never seen the HMR in person. Do you like that style of stock OP? I know lots of folks prefer that sort of weight distribution. If you grew up a hunter, that is probably what you're accustomed to.

I do volunteer as an RO at my local range. One of the main 'percs of that gig is you get to see all the cool and different things people show up with. Most often folks are happy to show off their weapons if asked politely. So I've had chance to handle, talk to the owners of, and even fire a few Bergara rifles. I have always been impressed when I've looked at any of the Bergara products. Particularly the fit and finish of the BMP & LRP, to me, are just beautiful. As I often do after one of my shifts, I went and looked them up later. I was surprised by the relatively affordable price tags. If I'd had to guess, I'd have guessed a goodly bit higher price based on the design and fit and finish of those two rifles. But again, my experience is not in driving any of these. And the OP, is what it is all about right? So take all of the above with the proverbial grain of salt sir.
Iíve gotten behind the rpr and it fits well the trigger is very crisp and I like the stock as well. My only thing is the the barrel shroud prevents getting lower rings but other than that. Itís good bang. Even has a folding stock which is awesome.

The begera stock isnít my first choice but I think I can get use to it
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