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Originally Posted by desertrider View Post
My son and his girlfriend are looking to move to Sacramento.

I'm not familiar at all with the area and am looking for suggestions on parts of town they should avoid.

They are young and looking for a one bedroom apartment that is reasonably priced. He hasn't told me his price range, but I'm certain they are looking for the most affordable they can get to start out.

We have family in Dixon, just about 20 miles west of Sac, but that area is not within their price range if that's an indication of what they're looking for.

I'd appreciate any info I can forward to him. Thanks.
First, what will they be doing in Sacramento? In what area. The commutes up here can be a real problem, as different routes take you across one of only four bridges. And everybody else is using them.

Generally, avoid Meadowview, Lemon Hill, most of South Sac.
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