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Default Blades

OK ... I did purchase these a few years ago. The top blade is a double handed tjian. I train with this thing. The bottom is a kukri. I purchased the kukri from a Nepalese knife importer. The kukri has a really nice buffalo grip.

Here is a close up of the kukri.

I am not certain why I just bought this thing. It really is cool. It is a Hibben karate fighter knife. I think it was one of those heat-of-the moment things. Plus, my master was selling these things and it just looked too cool to pass up. Hibben makes some very nice knives. I know this thing is the United Cutlery licensed 'knock-off' ... I would very much like to get my hands on a real Hibben with the Kenpo emblem on it. I have heard that those knives are worth a lot of $$$ right now.

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