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Two things:

1) someone should put together a list of non-named AR/AK style recievers so we can order 'em now while the gettin's good! I'd LOVE to see a list of AK recievers... that would be awesome because I've got WAY more AK mags than I do AR-15 mags and thanks to SB-23 I'm not getting any more of either !

2) Although the letter seems ominous, I somehow HIGHLY doubt they'll risk the possibility of opening up registration for a whole flood of new weapons because it essentially sets a precent (i.e. all you have to do to get a "assualt weapon" in PRK is outsmart them with the name game and open a 90 day window). Also, just think of what a fiasco it would be when the NRA and other groups got wind. Plus, it adds more costs to a state government that's essentially already on the fast track to bankruptcy.

Soooooo..... let's see the lists !
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