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Small diesel trucks now get smog checked just like a car (visual and OBD scan read) annually as part of the vehicle registration. The techs are pretty savvy to detect missing or non CARB approved equipment.
Commercial vehicles (non pickups) as they go through the scales are subject to vehicle inspection (they can look at smog requirements).
In 20 years of owning a diesel truck in CA, I have never been stopped or checked in a pickup in CA. 3 years ago, my last cross country in my pickup towing my 5th wheel, I was flagged into the scales 3 times in 6,000 miles by different states. I was green lighted every time so no idea why they flagged me (CA exempts pickups in the scales, but other states can flag a pickup just like any other commercial vehicle. Once stopped, even "not for hire" can be inspected by DOT).

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