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OK, so after fiddling with it a bunch... I've come to realize I was "doing it wrong"!

I initially tried out my idea from above, which resulted in this:

This definitely worked fine, as far as being able to clearly see through the magnifier without any scope shadow. However, the QD release handle for the magnifier blocked the charging handle... and looked stupid as f**k.

So, that got me into looking at how I, personally, was doing things, and came to the conclusion my LOP was just plain wrong on an AR. I grew up shooting shotguns and other fixed stock rifles, so had become very comfortable with longer LOP. When I got into AR's, I just mimicked what felt natural... which as it turns out isn't good for running a magnifier!

I settled on about position 3 of my 6 position adjustable stock (previously was using position 5), moved the RDS back a few slots, and wholla:

I can now see through the magnifier perfectly, so long as I keep my head in the "sweet spot" for the eye box. I don't think it's terribly unreasonable to have to "get into" the scope/magnifier, so I think I'll be comfortable running things this way for a while.

In short, if you're having a tough time with a magnifier, re-examine your LOP and be willing to change how you do things.

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