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Originally Posted by splithoof View Post
I'm curious as to your practice regimen prior to a hunt, or do you undergo practice on a more regular basis, and if so, what field positions do you include in addition to shooting off sticks?
Lastly, how close were those elephants, and did they go down with a single shot prior to "insurance"?
Practice regimen is weekly dry fire. Few hundred rounds a month with my .22LR Anschutz in a variety of positions.

Some months prior to the hunt I start practicing with my .308 and add 5-10 rounds a session from sticks on the big bores.

All sighting in is done with a Caldwell Lead sled.

On a new big bore I go visit a friend that has his private indoor 50 yard range at his place and we work out loads and usually burn through a few hundred rounds over the course of a weekend.

The elephants were from 15 to 50 meters. One shot brought them down.
... when a man has shot an elephant his life is full. - John Alfred Jordan
"A set of ivory tusks speaks of a life well lived." - Unknown
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