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Originally Posted by CarmeloLaabdie View Post
Recently a friend of mine sent me a youtube where discovery channel made a comparision between the m16 and the AK 47.Two guy were shooting them at a indoor range.The guy with the AK 47,who is a gun expert,shot 5 rounds but only one hit the target.Since this means that you can hit only the 20% of the targets you're shooting at.So...the question is:How the hell is that possible?
When I was serving in the SLO army, we were equipped with the M70.To qualify, you had to hit the target(fatal wounds, center of the mass or head) at least 25/30 times-at 200-250m(220y-275yds).And I was at 28/30.So how is it possible that an expert(experienced shooter) wasn't able to place 4/5 or even 5/5 on the target?...IMO he should switch to another job
Sounds sketchy to me. I've only shot an AK once, and it was owned by a friend 120% into AKs. He had that rifle so dialed in that I could ring steel 8 shots our of 10 at 200yd with irons, never having shot the rifle (or any Ak) before.
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