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Originally Posted by mtenenhaus View Post
I understand these occurrences are rare....but i'm told they do happen......i'm referring to primer chain mishaps.

I was wondering if there is a modification that might prevent and if not prevent at least protect the user and home.
I tend to be very cautious and safe and try to think things in advance whenever possible (likely the result of too many years in my profession).
Do NOT add weight to the plastic primer pushrod that sits atop the primer stack.
Do not MODIFY the pushrod or the inner or outer tubes.
The outer tube is the shield that protects you if you ever have a detonation in the inner tube.
Use the correct size tube for the primers you are using.
Do not EVER force a primer into or out of the tube.
If you somehow stick a primer in the tube, call Dillon and they will send you a new tube so you can throw the one with the stuck primer away rather than trying to unjam it.
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