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Default Can't Wait to Escape!

My escape date is either the 15th or 16 of Sept, 2021. Sadly I will have to return to get my possessions.
After doing all sorts of research and checking about the moving industry I have come to the sad conclusion that it is one of the least regulated (not that I am a fan of super regulations but there are times when good conduct has to be enforced), least consumer oriented, most crooked industries which we have in our great land. I am sure the kinds of things I ran into with interstate moving might well affect someone going from Siskyou County to San Diego County. In case anyone is interesteed watch out for moving brokers (promise the sun, the moon, and the stars for half the price of anyone else, then bone you at the end somehow); movers who make unbinding estimates (gives them the legal right to really stick it to you at the end), movers who go by weight (perhaps not all of them do it but they can weigh the van empty of people,fuel, and cargo; then load it up with your possessions, a full load of fuel, and lots of people so you can be charged for a huge and inaccurate weight); promise speedy delivery maybe just a few days when federal rules prevent such long trips for drivers; or take forever and a day to deliver and when delibery happens your stuff is damaged, or lost, or mixed with someone else's.
Net, net bottom line, if you must move, even within one state, try to avoid a professional mover.
David J.
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