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Originally Posted by curtisfong View Post
“If the Supreme Court … meant its holding to extend beyond home possession, it will need to say so more plainly.” - Williams v. Maryland
That was definitely the biggest error/omission in the Heller decision. The language left it too open to everyone's own interpretation. We all know what it meant to say, but the inarguable fact of the matter is that it was too vague.

I'm saving a bottle of fine scotch for when the next SCOTUS opinion spells it out in plain English:

"This Court finds that the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution of the United States protects the individual right to keep and bear arms, including all lawfully owned firearms and, necessarily, their ammunition and magazines, both inside and outside the home, and this right CAN NOT be infringed by any state or local government."

...or something to that effect

And then after that, hopefully another SCOTUS ruling will spell out, in plain english, precisely what firearms, ammunition, and magazines can be lawfully owned.
AW Reg. will be reopened Jan. '22 to those who weren't able to register by 7/2018. We don't know what that means for firearms made compliant when reg. failed or if they can or must be converted to AW configuration before registering. There's a moratorium on prosecutions for possession of AWs which were eligible for registration, but AWs acquired after 2016 can still be prosecuted!
Extremely important note: DON'T register anything acquired after 2016!!!

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