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Originally Posted by meno377 View Post
I don't know the exact weights but the 88 and the Mossberg are almost identical except for the safety and the forearm. The receivers are the same alloy. So if the position of the safety is important to you and you prefer a tang safety, the 500 is the choice. If you prefer a cross bolt safety by the trigger guard, the 88 is the choice. They both shoot well and unless you prefer a different forearm at times the 88 is a better bargain.

I have both and shoot both. For me they both do the job, but the Maverick is less expensive.
Yeah that's pretty much where I'm at. If they really are identical then I am leaning towards the 500 simply because it's drilled and tapped and gives the option of putting on a red dot sometime in the future. However I saw they make Saddle mounts for the 88, are those any good or are they garbage?
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