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If you plan on shooting this gun very much, like 200-500 rounds at a class, you kind of need the extra weight. The difference in weight in all of these guns is unnoticeable when you are shooting them. Also these guns actually do kick even with birdshot. How recoil sensitive are you?

These guns with buckshot or slugs will beat the snot out of you before you learn how to shoot them. Lots more to shooting a tactical shotgun than just carrying it around and popping off a round here and there. The shooting sometimes gets intense and if you haven't learned and practiced you will not do too good as the gun will fight you every step of the way.

All that said, you'd be best off just getting a M500 with a 18" bbl. It will probably do most of what you want. There is also lots of aftermarket stuff for them, so you can set the gun up any way you want.

Now if it is strictly for HD then why would a few oz of extra weigh make any difference whatsoever?

Here's a pic of my HD gun so you can get some ideas. The high ridged safety is a good idea, much better than the stock part.


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