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Frankly, Iíve given up. In our last big election, it was ballot initiatives that passed the most radical, sweeping anti-gun legislation in California history. That was by the people, not the politicians. The electorate has changed. The culture has changed. For example, the same electorate in the same election voted FOR increased gasoline taxes, and legalized the recreational use of marijuana. Now I see massive roadside billboards advertising marijuana. I see tent cities springing up everywhere. Major cities with human feces on the sidewalks. Heroine addicts openly shooting up, leaving their HIV and Hep-C needles strewn about in parks and playgrounds. Disease, lawlessness, and poverty are rampant. My native home has changed far too much to call it home anymore. Iím not represented by the politicians, the culture, or the people. California doesnít have a 2A problem, that is but one symptom of a deep sickness that has stricken this once great state. I donít see any solution, but to leave.
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