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Originally Posted by hillsidehutz View Post
However, others may see it differently.

"social community being strong" can mean Calgunners "not moving an inch" and every member must think, act, behave exactly the same way to preserve firearm ownership. This is a different interpretation with a different expectation, sometimes requiring exclusivity - rejection of others who are different REGARDLESS of common goal. These examples alone are true opposites.

Also, insult and emotions aside, we've been going back and forth on these two approaches for the past 8 pages of this thread.

As far as CALGUNS USERS go;

Here is an example.

Is this level of condescension necessary? Wouldn't "If you keep voting for democratic candidates, there will be no CA gun owners" enough to make a point?

Clearly I don't know you personally (vintagearm) but this disdain over someone you don't know over the internet is toxic especially to oneself. Sir. I trust you don't talk like this in real life, and if so, there really is no need.

For others, I'll re-quote,

This should be crystal clear.
I would like to mention a couple of things:
1st, given the low post count and recent join date, welcome. You will find it an interesting ride as far a community forum.

2nd, I am only quoting a portion, since you addressed Kestryll directly for some of it. Not my place to respond for him.

You need to understand that here in California there are VERY FEW progressives and very few liberals. Most in this state are LEFTISTS. There are many here who can explain the differences, so I'll let them. You talk about being a multi issue voter, and about nuances in those issues, but that is the crux of the problem. There are NO nuances to the 2nd Amendment in it's pure form (I'm a "Constitutional Purist" on many of the topics).

The simple fact is that the Democrats who are put into office in this state are rabidly anti gun and they use it as part of the Democratic platform. If you vote for a democrat, you are voting anti-gun. It is just that plain and simple. This forum and website is dedicated primarily to pro-gun agenda, although it is generally not an issue if you're not for guns. Remember...if you let this enumerated right get squelched, then you're going to be partly responsible for letting the others go as well, because make ZERO mistake...the government in this state is out to make sure that everyone has exactly the same thing and that they are in control. This is almost the definition of socialism. You will speak only what they let you, and they will be allowed to search and take at will your property (they are now, in case you don't realize it under asset forfeiture laws), and you will not have the ability to resist them, as they will be armed way better than you. You can't believe in God in this state (but you can believe anything else) nor can you have a different opinion without it being hate speech, the state does not want you to have the same guns that police and military have, they are attacking your right to privacy, and are taking people's property without due process or compensation. THIS is the platform of the leftist agenda, which is directly born of the Democratic agenda.

I have many Democrat friends of various levels on the liberal/progressive gauge, but all of them understand that this state is too far left to be comfortable. They fully understand what the left is doing and they are not comfortable. If they're not comfortable, then the conservative right should be terrified. And we are.

The state assembly is approximately 78-80% Democrat. The bills that are sent to committee are simply voted forward without committee discussion because they only need a 2/3 majority to pass them (someone correct me if this is wrong). The governor is off the rails and Xavier Becerra should be disbarred for his handling of the laws in this state. They're unconstitutional prima facie and the state simply does not care. If you'd like examples, PM me and I'll give them to you. I'm sure others more knowledgeable will chime in on that subject, but I'll give you two topics in particular that you can start with: sanctuary cities and the handgun roster.

The government of this state, which if you're Democrat and voted that way, is your responsibility and is many things but not Democratic. They are leftist. Just look at San Francisco and other areas. Conservatives have virtually zero voice there. Everything done there is done via fiat. Needles in the street, homeless EVERYWHERE, obscene taxes, etc. not get me started on sanctuary cities. All in the name of making sure the government takes care of everyone and makes sure that they have the same thing as everyone else. I'm sorry, but if you will not work, then you shall not eat. I get that people need occasional help, but not if you do not have a track record of contributing. asked if this level of condescension is necessary. I don't think it's absolutely necessary, and some people truly are rude, even here, but if you think that there are no right and wrong opinions, you'll find a lot of resistance to that notion.

We're frustrated at what's happening...legally (and morally in some cases) in this state. If you voted for Newsome and Becerra in the last election, then you're going to catch a lot of heat here. THEY are the reason most of what's happened happened and continues to happen.

Just my $0.02
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Don't attempt to inject common sense into an internet pissing contest.
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