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The whole M1 carbine saga has been a weird journey for me. I paid a lot for a "James River Armory" M1 carbine that was beautiful. It was months before I went to shoot it, and when I did the weapon did not work at all, as in it wouldn't chamber a round, much less fire. I forfeited any chance to return it by sitting on it for months without ever even function testing it.

I complained to JRA, and to their credit, they were responsive and unfortunately told me that they sold only the receiver and did not build the gun. Thus, they were not responsible for it and I have no ill will toward them. Someone else built up the rifle and apparently did not do a very good job. I sold the M1 to a Calguns member as a parts / project gun at a big loss with full disclosure of the issues.

I later bought an Iver Johnson M1 carbine from another Calguns member and it worked great. I eventually sold that to get a USGI M1 carbine, and now own 3 of them, an Inland, a Saginaw, and the IBM previously mentioned.

Ironically I briefly owned a CMP M1 when they got a batch a while back. The one I received was in poor shape and was tagged as a Service grade but was more field grade. As the CMP usually does, they made it right by refunding me the price difference between the grades. I ended up selling it off since I was never really happy with it.
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