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Originally Posted by P5Ret View Post
From what I was told by a CalPERS rep when I went out with my knee, they use job classification with a CalPERS agency. County plans may be different.

Things may have changed since then, but I would check with them or whoever your retirement plan is with. DA's investigators are peace officers, under 830.1 it would be the same classification.
Gotcha. We are under our own retirement system, not PERS. I've heard so many different things. I only know of one guy from our agency that medically retired and stayed in the business, he is now a chief in another state. From what I understood so far was that the job description just had to not contradict your "permanent" disabilities. I'm being forced into retirement with my agency. I'd imagine that imitation would have no juice if I forgo the retirement and just went to another agency?
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