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Default New Calgun'ers, Stewardship, Calguns, & Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Ive been a member of for some time now, and I have noticed, what in my opinion is a disturbing trend about the past year and a half or so. I have to say, im some ways, im deeply disappointed in many of the trends Ive seen, from badmouthing those that step to the front line, to how we, as firearms owners, treat those who help supply us with the goods for our favorite chosen sport.

The first topic im going to talk about is called Stewardship. Many of us practice what I call STEWARDSHIP in regards to our 2A Rights. For those that do not know what stewardship means, it means to have something, to take care of something, that you cannot physically own. Wikipedia describes Stewardship as. . . "more general way to refer to a responsibility to take care of something one does not own." When I refer to it, im discussing the State of California and the fight in keeping our Second Amendment Rights.

In this day and age of turmoil in regards to our Second Amendment rights, we as a whole should practice stewardship even more. I will be the first to say im not happy with the person who was chosen to lead our country into the future. But, as a collective whole, the nation has spoken and decided that hopefully this person will do a better job than the man hes replacing. His views in regards to the nations 2A rights differ very much so than my own, and im sure many of yours as well. I can only hope that during his tenure, he choses to leave these rights alone. But if he does not chose to do so, then we, as responsible citizens of this country, need to practice stewardship even more. We need to come together, and support those in the leadership of this country that understand that this country was founded on several basic principles, to include the right to keep and bear arms. We need stand up and be counted, and say in one collective voice, we will not tolerate our rights being trampled, be it from the local District Attorney, to the highest level of leadership in this great country. Now im not saying that an armed insurrection is the answer, nor am I advocating it. What I am saying is that every citizen who owns a firearm, who believes in the basic fundamentals of the Constitution, needs to stand up and speak in a voice that can be heard, be it a letter, an email, a spoken voice, and make a stand for a change. This, coupled with a vote, can dramatically change the way those powers that be, recognize us as a strong united front, instead of the "sheeple" we have become. We need to become Stewards of the Second Amendment.

So in talking about Stewardship, I mean, take care of your 2nd Amendment Rights, Dont jeporadize them by doing something you know is illegal, be responsible for your actions, and do something to further the fight to keep the 2nd Amendment in the front lines. Take someone shooting, teach them the proper and correct way to safely shoot. Take the time to learn something about your rights in regards to firearms. In doing simple things like this, you are participating in Stewardship.

Stewardship is a theory that people, left on their own, will indeed act as responsible stewards of the assets they control

Calguns, my oh my, the fun I have with this forum, its members, the organized events, the ancedotes, the playful jesting, the new things I learn every day. Not only has this place become the gold standard in regards to supporting our gun rights in this state, but it is a fountain of information, and in todays day and age, information is power!

But with the influx of new members, we also have experienced growing pains. Calguns has recently been overhauled thanks to several members here to handle this growth, and in my humble opinion, everything seems to be working great. But I personally have noticed a few things that I dont agree with. Its the small details that people have a tendency to overlook that if left unchecked, tend to grow out of hand quickly and become a larger problem. Newer members, this is addressed to you guys! I understand that its great to find a new source of information for a hobby/passion/lifestyle, but in joining this forum, there are rules to be abided by. Simple things like respecting others, following the basic rules of decorum, and attention to details will help smooth your way in this forum. Kestryl, the head guy here has made it easy for you guys by even creating a new guys forum to introduce yourself, ask questions, and a whole subsection thats goes thru the basics of the current processes to searching for, pricing, buying, drosing, building, and shooting your OLL! What more can a guy ask for? Back when I came here there was no such forums, they was "stickied" and lots of pages long. It took lots and lots of reading to get thru the meat of it, but it the end it was worth it. Weve put our time in, and now you, the newer members, can reap the rewards. Please do us the service of at least following the standard that those who have walked this road before you have set.

Those of you who are new to OLL's, have seen them at a local range, have learned about OLL's from friends, you come here for information, yet expect it to be spoonfed to you. Here is my advice to you, follow these simple 3 rules and you will be fine.

1 - Use the search button, its there for a reason. Many good folks have taken the time and energy to document their personal process they went thru to buy, dros, build, and test their own personal OLL's. And many of them have posted range reports in regards to those weapons. If you take the time to look, read the "New To Calguns Forum", and try to find answers to your questions first before you blurt it out, you may find the answers you was looking for.

2 - The rules regarding building these weapons havent changed since day 1, dont try to change them, or explain to us why you, as the new guy, think it isnt right. Its what people who have risked far more than you have, have learned thru their own mistakes, and perfected it so you, as the new guy just finding out about them, can do it safely, and legally. trust me when I say, you may not believe it, but many of us have asked the same questions you have 100 times over, if not more.

3 - Dont do stupid things in regards to magazines. If you do and you get caught, plan on losing your guns, your rights, your freedom, and becoming nothing more than a cautionary tale told here to other newcomers as a warning. You know what im talking about, so just dont do it. If you dont know what im talking about, keep it that way, dont attempt to circumvent the law, and avoid issues that could land you in hot water if you get caught.

The bickering needs to stop. We need to quit bashing FFL's who are not willing to sell what is considered in some circles as "controversial" weapons. We need to understand that they are persons who are operating a business, not a friendship. They are in business to make money. that is the bottom line, while you may make friends with them, and partake in conducting business with them, the bottom line is this, it is still a business. It is a business that they own, and in doing so, they take all the risks, be it civil, or criminal. So, being as they are the front line in taking the risks, they have every right to choose what they sell, how much they charge, and to follow the letter of the law to their own personal interpretation. If a FFL thinks that that OLL's are illegal, then so be it. That is their interpretation, and so, that is their right to believe so. If you do not like it, then take your business elsewhere. Dont come on this forum and whine, moan, complain, and belittle someone who is operating a business designed to serve you. Not only does it show ignorance, it is disrespectful. This applies to pricing as well. Once again, it is their business, they may charge what they want, if you do not like it, then take your business elsewhere. I remember a time not too long ago, where stripped OLL's recievers cost $59.00 each. I was charged $59.00 x how many recievers, + DROS which at the time was $26.00. I took advantage of those prices and bought what i wanted at a price I was willing to pay. Now, with newly elected leadership for this country, prices have inflated with panic buying, and dealers are charging more for a product that they have in stock. Its called supply and demand. If the demand is larger than the supply, then the person supplying them can charge more for a product that used to cost less. Business 101 folks. Learn it, live it, love it, do it, its how a business stays a business, they are in it to make money. Bottom line. Quit crying about it, pay the prices, or shop around til you find a price you like better. If you do your homework like so many of us have in the past, you would know which FFL has the best prices, which ones charge more or less for recieving fees, and which ones have the 10 day vs the 11 day wait. Granted, if you are finding out about OLL's recently, then you wont be paying the prices that those of us who were here at the begining will pay. Expect to pay more, its just the nature of the business.

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