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Originally Posted by Dano3467 View Post
Young growth of manzanita is your answer.

1. Collect it (pot full) boil till dark tea looking.
2. drain off through sieve.
3. place in clean jar in refrigerator till cold
4 with clean cotton balls, apply tea, using multiple application 4 or more times a day, can't over do this.
5. continue this till gone, after a day or so you'll see marked difference, an itching will go away by 1/2 day or so, but will heal fast if diligent.

This was taught to me by an old Indian long ago, & has worked every time.

Or you could do what you want...
This and I always carry sliced onions. If you rub them immediately on the skin irritant (poison oak or even stinging nettle) you get fast relief.

Plus they are great for burgers or eggs.
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