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My professional background is Finance and Economics.

I truly believe that a job and it's economic benefit to the employee are directly tied to the amount of BS the employee has to deal with.

What the Army is going to get is a rude awakening to is the new retirement program. I'm on the old one, as like my military guys here know is that reservists are getting 2 retirement point days for our drill time (basically when we are not on issued orders). So it's kind of a deal. I will have effectively get Active Duty retirement pay out prorated on my Points as a Reservist. Not such a bad deal. Technically, I could be looking at a $1200-$1500 check for working one weekend a month two weeks a year (if it were only possible)

Now, what we all know is the NEW retirement plan, while not a "bad" plan per say, is NO LONGER BETTER than anything out there. The pension part of it is now half of what it was, but there is an employee matching part like your 401K where YOU GET TO KEEP IT IF YOU WALK!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, if you are AD and do 20 years as AD this plan is about equal give or take the market risks of your 401K portion of it. If you are reserve, your pension has been cut in half, and the 401K participation part of it SUCKS UP THE AZZ!!!!!!!!!!!! BECAUSE!!!!!!!!!!! You are only participating into the plan based on your DRILL WEEKEND PAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

So who really gives a flying crap about putting in 10% of $400 ($200 if you are lower enlisted) a month.

So in about 5 years or so the Army is going to start feeling the effects of employees/soldiers having mobile retirement accounts with no motivations to go to the reserves to get to 20 years. Granted, they may get guys with 15-18 years, but those with 8-12 years will probably reconsider just walking away.

Then those with only RESERVE careers wont be hardly walking away from anything.


How is this countered????????

Well, I went to basic training with kids getting $20K bonuses for signing up as active EOD AND they could only get it once EOD school was finished.

Now........... my reserve soldiers regardless of rank are getting $20K to RE-ENLIST for Warehouse Clerk. So as a re-enlistment an MOSQ PV1 would get that $20K the moment he signs.

So using my economic deduction the amount of BS a reserve warehouse clerk is putting up with is on par with what a kid off the street has to deal with to go through all of TRADOQ and EOD school.
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