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There is more to this than just the transfer of guns. Depending upon their value, probate comes into the picture along with everything going along with that.

This is often the problem with advice on the internet, you get what you pay for and often the advice is narrowly defined because of the question and the scope of interest of those giving the advice.

Depending up the make, model and type of gun its not beyond reason that even a few guns can be valued at over $100,000 and any transfer of them carry rather huge financial implications.

Are there any other relatives that can contest the makeshift will? This is the problem when issues like this become centered around the guns and disregard all the other legal concerns.

OP, your neighbor should be seeking the advice from an attorney not the internet that is relayed by you. The cost for advice is minimal considering the serious consequences of handing property of a deceased person, family or not. Far too often when it comes to these things the advice considers only how to transfer the guns but that merely a process compared to all the other legal problems that come from disposing of property to which other claims might exist.

Advise your neighbor to speak with an attorney. They don't need to hire on to go through the whole process but at least get the knowledge on what and how to do it.
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