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Originally Posted by sbo80 View Post
This came up 100 times during the registration threads. Successful registration is absolutely not "proof" that something is legal. It is only proof that you submitted a form and some clerk at the DOJ processed it. If your firearm is illegally configured, your registration will not save you from prosecution.
*To the OP question, I don't think anybody knows yet. Until they publish final rules, it's still in limbo and there's been no info since they asked for comments.
Thatís not necessarily the case. Thordsen has quoted that the DOJ refusing to register a bullet button rifle with a thordsen stock proves that the stock is CA compliant for featureless, as thatís why they denied the application. Likewise if the doj has accepted braces as braces, this would prove the doj doesnít see the brace as a stock.
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