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Originally Posted by bwiese View Post
Always wondering why CA people are worried about possible future Fed
action when they ALREADY have *California SBR* risk.

If you have a braced pistol in CA you should have NFA AOW'd it to exploit
the CA exemption to CA SBR laws.

The Federal ATF memos, at least while still valid, have zero bearing on
separate CA SBR and in fact give cops/judges/DAs a road map.

Also, a gun that is an NFA AOW and was legally not a Federal SBR may
be in a 'more interesting place' legally, pending any ATF action, than
such a gun that's just an ordinary pistol with brace.
This is very helpful to me, thank you for posting.

If anyone has insights into the mechanics of registering a pistol as an NFA AOW - perhaps recommend a legal mind to assist - I would appreciate it.
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Originally Posted by CSACANNONEER View Post
Who uses 9mm for SD? Anything less than a 50BMG is stupid to use. Personally, I prefer canister rounds out of a 10lb Parrott rifle for SD.
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