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Originally Posted by Den60 View Post
Look, the union can come out and speak out against attacks on its members. If I ran the union I would publicly say that if my officers were the problem then perhaps Kamala Harris should look into private security for her protection. At least that would get her to shut her mouth on the subject. This POS is running for President for God's sake. Obama was bad enough for LEOs, especially police. If you don't start defending yourself then you are part of the problem.

Sorry for not "shutting up." If you don't like what I say feel free to use the "ignore" function. It's free.
Are you really this dense?

How many peace officers do you think there are in the entire USA? If, and this is a HUGE if, all officers voted the way you think all officers should vote, how much of an impact do you think thatíll make?

Iíll give you a hint, the number is significantly less than you think. Those unions you seem to think have tons of power have extremely little.

Itís not that I donít like what you have to say. Itís more like youíre speaking out of your rear end with little to no knowledge of it.