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Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
For those CGN members who think SCOTUS in Heller declared a right to carry, either generally or specifically as OC and/or CC, this quote from J. Thomas’ denial of cert dissent in Peruta (also signed by Gorsuch), shows they don’t agree with you.

From II, B carry over sentence at bottom of p. 4:

Thomas does not say they held there was a RBA in Heller, much less a Right to OC specifically. Just that Heller “suggested” the 2A protects a RBA in “some fashion.” IOW Thomas is saying their dicta only suggested a RBA in public.
Are you trying to counter Charles Nichol's extensive quotes by Thomas and Alito from DC v. Heller and MacDonald v. Chicago posted over on Facebook - here on Calgun's as though you'll be successful?

If's kinda weird.

When you don't have an enforcement mechanism everything you publish - though authoritatively - is a suggestion.

DC v. Heller referenced dozens of 18th / 19th century cases for which convictions were overturned - and nothing stopped numerous states affected from keeping the questioned laws in place or putting the same in place later.

It's called politics.

Courts are NOT your saviors.

Justice Thomas: " I find it extremely improbable that the Framers understood the Second Amendment to protect little more than carrying a gun from the bedroom to the kitchen. "
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