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Neither Alan Beck [wolfwood], or Stephen Stamboulieh are litigation virgins. Both are long time 2A gladiators in the National legal arena. They have taken on, and won, several 2A cases that the big orgs saw as unworthy. And now they jumped into the fray of a citizen's pro se case against Hawaii, and they are knocking on SCOTUS's door, in 9 yrs since June of 2012.


As morrcarr67 pointed out "bestow" is not a single definition word. In retrospect, hindsight is closer to 20-20. Would using "AFFIRMS" rather than "bestows" possibly been a more concise choice?

Maybe, then again, I think/hope SCOTUS is ripe for a strong 2A finding, after decades of judicial abuse. And are intelligent enough to pick the right damn meaning for the purpose.
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