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Originally Posted by mrrabbit View Post
1. SCOTUS in DC v. Heller already said the right is both inside and outside. With few exceptions, the cases referenced for "bear" or "carry" were for people out and about in the PUBLIC fined or arrested. As almost a rule, those fined or arrested for OC out and about in PUBLIC had their fines or conviction overturned or remanded. Those fined or arrested for CCW out and about in PUBLIC had their fines or convictions upheld.

2. They already said it in DC v. Heller: "Commonly held arms suitable for SELF-DEFENSE for the purpose of confrontation."

- That's for the preexisting PEOPLE.
- That's for the preexisting MILITIA of the PEOPLE.

It is Militias created by States and Congress under Article I, Sec. 8, Cls 12-13 that are better equipped including with weapons of war.

Don't argue with me, take it up with Scalia (dead)...or SCOTUS if you think you can make it that far.

Well, the Ninth en banc says you are wrong and that Heller said no such thing. The State of Hawaii is perfectly happy with that ruling, as, I suppose, is the State of California. Take it up with Judge Thomas. If I were to appear in a federal court tomorrow representing someone openly carrying in Hawaii or California, who do you think the judge will believe, you or the Ninth? (Actually it is a moot question; the trial judge is bound to follow the rulings of the appellate court in its district.
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