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Originally Posted by jwkincal View Post
This is the one that really matters, and the one I wish had been queued up immediately after Heller. While I understand folks' concern around the interpretation of "bear," it's "arms" that is the key to vestiture of power in the People by the 2nd Amendment. Without SACF rifles, the People are not sufficiently armed to ensure accountability on the part of the Government.

Fingers crossed, though. We have an open window, I just hope that the SCOTUS is able to provide the appropriate clarity before things in DC go farther downhill.
Exactly - having the right to bear arms is pretty meaningless if the states can still say "well fine then, we'll effectively ban every gun then", a la handgun roster.
AW Reg. will be reopened Jan. '22 to those who weren't able to register by 7/2018. We don't know what that means for firearms made compliant when reg. failed or if they can or must be converted to AW configuration before registering. There's a moratorium on prosecutions for possession of AWs which were eligible for registration, but AWs acquired after 2016 can still be prosecuted!
Extremely important note: DON'T register anything acquired after 2016!!!
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