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Shooting with hundreds of friends on my b-day? Hell yeah!!!

Originally Posted by retired View Post
I sure hope I'm well enough to attend this 10th Anniversary SSZS. It's only fitting since I was at first when Xavier launched this adventure. I have to be done with the walker as I don't believe it will work to well up there with all of the rocks. Some of my grandsons told me I should come anyway and just stay in my son's RV trailer. I told them do you really expect me to provide all my guns and ammo, let them have all the fun shooting and me stuck in the trailer. They said yes, I said not going to happen. I won't go if I can't shoot. I know, I'm a mean grandpa.
I hope to see you there! We'll put one of these in a trailer hitch and bring you up to your spot on the line!
With my injuries, I might need my own.
With all this "gun control" talk, I've not heard one politician say how they plan on taking guns from criminals, just law abiding Citizens.

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5 guys, hot damn thats some good eat'n.
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damn, i duped my own thread...first time i did a poll
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