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Originally Posted by SamIAm View Post
I'm all for prepping, but with this list, ya'll will have maxed out your carry on space before you start packing clothing, shoes, toiletries.

You need to strike a balance between the likelihood you'll need something and the cost of carrying it.

The ham radio seems excessive. Same with the signal mirror. In the unlikely event that the plane goes down, your ham radio and the signal mirror are not going to shorten rescue time. A cell phone camera makes an excellent magnifying glass. If you need to start a fire after an emergency landing, there are easier ways to do it. (Signal flares, for example.)

Nix the folding knife. It'll get confiscated the first time you run into a sharp TSA agent. (Yes, they exist.) Take a pair of folding scissors. It does most of what a knife can do. The stuff it can't? Well, you're not taking down a team of hijackers with any folding knife you're going to regularly get past security.

Finally, there's a company that makes a fleece only geeks and preppers would love. ScottE Vest. It has a ton of pockets. A fleece doesn't count as a carry on, if everything fits in the pockets. So, you can use that to carry all of your prepping stuff. Take it even if you're leaving LA for a trip to New Orleans in August (hey, it's cold on the plane!).

If you need stuff on the other end of the trip, ship it there and ship it back. (Or check it, as I assumed that this thread is about carry on only.)
I agree about the amount of stuff; my solution is simply to pack what I need for my trip first, and then fill the remaining space.

None of the stuff on here is really in case the plane crashes, more in case I need something while on the trip. The HAM radio is not for if the plane crashes on the way from LAX - Tulsa and I get stranded on a tropical island; but if I'm driving and need some local advice I can get it using the HAM radio. Also I like checking in on different repeaters while traveling.

I have seen the ScottE vest - seems like a lot of money for what it is. I wear cargo pants (yes cotton) and a long sleeve shirt and I'm able to fit everything I need.
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