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From a survival perspective, you should pay attention to how you dress for airline travel. The recent Russian airline disaster where the plane caught fire, illustrates the need to dress with fire in mind. You should wear 100% long sleeve cotton shirt and pants since cotton is very flame resistive. Nylon based fabrics including synthetic fleece are very flammable and should not be worn during flight.

Think about what it would be like to have to dash past flames to get to safety. That's why it not good to fly wearing short pants, sandals or synthetic fabrics.

Sturdy shoes should be worn too. No flip flops or sandals which might slow you down if you need to run. I know you mentioned wearing hiking boots so that's a good choice.

A small travel size hairspray canister is an excellent legal carry-on self defense spray that works in place of pepper spray which you can't bring into the cabin.

Lots of good ideas here so far.
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