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Default Airline carry-on prep items

I have been flying quiet a bit lately, mostly out on Thursday and back Sunday or Monday, and I usually only bring a carry-on. I have begun to think of items that I should be bringing, that I can carry on the airplane and that I will wear or will fit in a backpack (along with clothes & toiletries).

My list so far:

Wear -
comfortable hiking boots and clothes that I could hike 10 miles a day in.
Fischer Space pen military model
bic lighter
magnifying lens in wallet
quality watch

Pack -
Quality LED flashlight
Camel-back bladder with Sawyer mini (fill once through security)
Ham radio
Amazon Fire
Tablet with a library of "prepper" books/pamphlets
Vitamins & meds for twice the duration of my trip
An emery board (for sharpening a credit card)
charging adapters (AC&DC), cable, and rechargeable battery pack

Of course plenty of cash.

Any suggestions?

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