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VPNs and Darkweb are two totally different concepts.

VPNs will simply route your traffic through another egress point, basically preventing your internet traffic from being viewed by your internet provider.

Darkweb is usually accessed using something called Tor, which works in a very different way. The easiest way to get there is through something called The Onion Browser. Just google it and you'll find it.

Be warned. Anonymity is never a guarantee, and the feds (along with government agencies from a giant slew of other countries) constantly target the Dark Web's more disreputable corners with ongoing surveillance and exploits. They will catch you.

The biggest current use of it is as a meeting / exchange point for cybercriminals (hackers, phishers, etc), comms between them and their victims, and markets for illegal goods such as drugs. It really isn't that interesting unless you're into hacking, and even there, you usually need references to get into the more interesting areas.
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