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Originally Posted by Thilo626 View Post
I've tried contacting both Lee and Cordelia, to no avail.
I am in the market for a Cali legal AK, and the Lee Hunter is my first choice.
I messaged them that I am willing to prepay, if there is some rough time frame available.

Anyone know how frequently they release productions runs, how quickly they go, and if anyone accepts pre-orders?
Thilo626- I can tell you from experience that the people at CGE are good guys. They’re pretty responsive to DMs on their Instagram page, which is also where they often post when new shipments of interesting stuff arrive. Also, their website has an option to choose “notify me when available” for many of the items, so you’ll get an automatic email when it comes in. You can also try giving them a call, the line is busy a lot but they always answer eventually. I’m not a big AK guy, but I know I’ve seen them post about receiving shipments of Lee and Zastava on multiple occasions. Best thing to do is follow on Insta and act fast if they post that new ones have arrived.
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