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Just found this part of Calguns...a great idea.

I'll try to do my best with the "No mocking, insulting or taunting your fellow members who live in California" part.

We left CA in 1986 and moved to Flower Mound, TX. FM is equidistant to Dallas and Fort Worth and about 10 miles or so north of a line drawn between them. Stayed there about 15 years, leased our house on the CA coast to 3 sets of tenants with no problems. Moved back in 2000 with a plan to live there 2 years for tax reasons and then move to Idaho.

Sold that house in CA and did the move 2 years and 11 days after moving back.

Got to Idaho in June of 2002. Wife got a job with the Red Cross in Boise, and then worked for the Idaho Senate and retired this year after 11 years.

Lack of RKBA in California was down the list as reasons for moving.
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