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Originally Posted by tomk556 View Post
The worst is that marksmanship counts in promotion too...
Exactly. Right???????

I don't know the points anymore, but if you get perfect APFT you get 100% of the point allocation from APFT towards your promotion packet. The same goes for weapon qual. If you get 40/40 you get 100% of the point allocation.

Those point allocations for APFT and Wepaon Qual ARE THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!

Technically................ The Army considers fitness and weapon qual equal to each other in regard to E5 and E6 promotion packets. HOWEVER, no one is going to get flagged for a non current passing weapon qualification. Failing APFT could be a career ender, and results in a deferred NCOER/OER.

Weapons Qual is NOT EVEN A BOX ON the NCOER/OER.

We got to 53 rounds per because of my total MTOE number and put in for 132 soldiers. In the end they only gave us 7,000 rounds. I'm estimating only 100 actually show up considering pre basic soldiers, and the usual no shows.

So I might actually get as much as another 17 rounds per soldier in attendance.


As for the range, we just straight up use an Army Range. Send a few NCO's and officers to the annual RSO course run by the range, have a few CLS soldiers and a designated ambulance, and call it good (for the most part).
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