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Originally Posted by scotty99 View Post
Have you shot a sub 6lb. .308? I had a Savage Lightweight in 7mm-08 with a Leupold Ultralight 3-9 on it. Maybe 6lbs. 8ozs. total, in a round that kicks less than a .308, and it was pretty unpleasant to shoot. Itís replacement is a Weatherby Vanguard that is right at 8lbs. with scope, and that 24ozs. makes a shocking difference in recoil.

I know lightweight is popular and fun to brag on, but find one you can shoot before you plunk down your cash. That extra weight drops recoil energy by about 20%, and recoil velocity by more like 40%.

Yep, too light = more felt recoil. If itís for hunting then a few rounds here and there to sight in and in the field might be ok, but for a range day itís possible but unpleasant. Been there done that.
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