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"Gun owners who have taken a safety course might receive a discount, whereas someone with a prior domestic violence conviction would be forced to pay a higher price for insurance."
The liability insurance Liccardo is proposing would cover both accidental discharges of a firearm as well as any intentional acts if a person's gun was used by a third party. However, it would not cover any misconduct by the policyholder.
It's like they didn't even take a few minutes to think this through. Why would someone with a domestic violence conviction be more likely to accidentally fire a gun or have their gun stolen?

Who is going to maintain a policy for a gun after it is stolen anyway? Is an insurance company going to allow you to continue paying your premiums for a gun that's in a criminal's possession?

The real kicker here is that they are going to require you to pay a fee if you won't (or can't) get insurance. It's obvious that they have no intention of accomplishing anything other than grabbing some quick cash at gun owners expense and the fact that they get to do a little grandstanding on the topic is just a bonus.
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