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Originally Posted by tomk556 View Post
53 rounds?? Asides from the absurdity of that number, how did they arrive at the number 13 for sighters? One day I hope to understand why it is that units will drag SMs out on a MUTA 8 on a charter bus, have them sit around for most of it, but then only secure 53 rounds per soldier. It also drives me nuts that we'll never, NEVER, EVER touch our crew served weapons and that we have (amazingly) both ACOGs and CCOs, but aren't allowed to use them.
What's more is I don't know why we have to do that when we can, if we so chose to do so, use civilian 25 meter ranges that you could just shuttle shooters back and forth to that range. Absolutely minimal effect on operations in a Red Cycle BA weekend. We did that briefly when I was in the Guard. We'd done a MIPR with the local police range to use their ranges on given dates. It was working pretty well, since we didn't always have a full complement for a bus.

Now that I'm in the USAR, I spoke with the safety officer about it in our unit and he said that regs require USACE to approve the range; and that approval requires them to have a say in it's build.

Of all the stupid things...the range is built to civilian standards which exceed military in some cases and they're designed to stop 30-06 in many of them.

I sometimes wonder if it's the Army's duty to make sure we have patience by doing these things...

Oh...btw: I always bring my own batteries so I can use the CCO. Since qualification is hokey and strains the senses, I just want to put the bullets where they need to be as fast as possible. Usually 40/40, but once in a while a flier, but it's just done. Howver, I do try to be last on the range and offer to help "burn" the extra ammo. THATS when we get some good training.
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Don't attempt to inject common sense into an internet pissing contest.

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