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Originally Posted by Snoopy47 View Post
My impression is this is the new Reg on individual weapon qual. I don't think anything generally changes in terms of the standards, but it provides a lot of guidance on training.

It's a lot of: Here's how we need to work to improve marksmanship, but of course no additional money or time to actually do it.

What doesn't change is marksmanship is either a unit focus (which takes support from higher) or it's not.

For example, I personally don't care about myself, and NCO's E6 and above really don't care either.

My priority is E4-E5 need to get passing qual cards for their promotion packets. Promotions to E2-E4 don't need it, and promotions to E7, WO's and Officers don't really need it either.

I have 53 bullets per soldier to qualify with this month. So there's no room for error.

Last year we did really well, 100% that went to the range weekend qualified, but I stack the odds in their favor as much as I can (25 meter qual course of fire), and remind them how to GAME the target hits (for those not great at shooting don't bother with small targets, and use extra bullets to ensure hits on larger targets)
53 rounds?? Asides from the absurdity of that number, how did they arrive at the number 13 for sighters? One day I hope to understand why it is that units will drag SMs out on a MUTA 8 on a charter bus, have them sit around for most of it, but then only secure 53 rounds per soldier. It also drives me nuts that we'll never, NEVER, EVER touch our crew served weapons and that we have (amazingly) both ACOGs and CCOs, but aren't allowed to use them.
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