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1. I use a gun vise, or another way to secure the rifle.
2. I then torque the base to the action using the recommended specs provided by the manufacturer of the base.
3. I then use a scope leveling kit to level the action or scope base.
4. I place the bottom half of the scope rings on the base, place the scope in the rings and eye ball it into good spacing.
5. Then I'll add the top half of the rings, and tighten them down so they don't fall off, but the scope can still move.
6. I then get behind the rifle with my eye's closed, then opne them to see if the scope is set to my eye relief.
7. After that, I level to scope to the action/base level and torque the scope rings down to the manufacture's specs.

I'm sure I'm glossing over something, but thats the basic procedure to do it. A torque wrench and scope levels will run you about $50-$60. You can also just pay a gunsmith to mount it for about the same.
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