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Originally Posted by delskidodledo View Post
Good Day to you all, I currently am in the process for getting my initial ccw permit.

I submitted my application on 07/14/2019.

Got my interview on 07/18/2019 and did the live scan same day.

Submitted my firearms training cert 07/21/2019

Got my live scan results on 07/26/2019 & then I was told it was gonna take 90 days from now by the clerk for a decision.

Ive been told they over estimate alot. I was wondering what is the realistic timeline for me? I just have a deployment coming up on October and I would love to have it before.

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It's going to take a while. My expiration date was on 7/17. I applied for renewal mid June. I haven't got my extension as of yet. I'm thinking the 90 days is about right. New sheriff in town.
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