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Moved to the rural parts of the Pacific Northwest in 2014 due to increasing dissatisfaction with the stranglehold the Democrats have put on everyday life in my home state of California. Life is much more satisfying now. Crime is very low, the threat of violence almost non existent. No more gangs, graffiti and trash everywhere. I can still surf and ski on the same day in uncrowded conditions.

Leaving California was not an easy decision to make but once we decided to join the growing exodus, it became apparent the it was the best decision we could have ever made. If California would go hard on crime, crack down on illegal aliens and cut all the grotesque regulations that stifle everyday life, we might come back but I am convinced conditions in California will continue to deteriorate before any improvements come.

It is amazing to me how many people are leaving California because they are fed up with the deteriorating quality of life under majority Democrat Party rule. California is still a beautiful place with many wonderful and very hard working people but the negative impact on daily life due to the leftists in power has become too much to bear leading more and more people to leave the once great State of California.

When I come to visit friends in my old hometown, they all confide in me their growing alarm at the deterioration in quality of life. Many are making plans to get out at some point. Some feel stuck and unable to leave for a variety of reasons but it is interesting how nearly everyone is talking about the decline that surrounds them and all are eager to hear from me what it's like living in a free state.
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