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Note: This post is in the Women's Forum. Gentlemen are more than welcome to comment as long as they are civil. We have RULES.

MZ, I'm delighted to see this. We little old ladies look very vulnerable, just because of age and grey hair. And there are some people who just want to hurt us, just because they can.

I totally support older women in learning self-defense and shooting skills. I mean, really if you were a Bad Guy and had a choice of all these people to attack coming out of Walmart, what would YOU choose.
  • a 23 year old 6 foot 180lb guy
  • a 40 year old soccer mom
  • a 75 year old grey haired lady with a cane

(Let's be fair, a 75 year old man may be just as vulnerable, but I don't think Bad Guys see it that way).

I actually get lots of support and approval from people of all ages when I show up at the range and start dragging guns out of the case. Especially when I drag out the full size 1911 .45, and punch the heck out of the bulls-eye. Many are surprised to see me do it, and then start to smile, 'cause everybody's got a grandma...
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