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Default LAW folder comparable with Juggernaut tactical??

Hello everyone, I have a question Iím hoping one of my Calguns brethren can help me with, as google was good for nothing. This is meant for an AR pistol build, but this seemed like the most appropriate forum. Has anyone tried using the LAW tactical folding kit at the same time as a Juggernaut tactical fixed mag kit? I have the juggernaut on several rifles and pistols already, and know it relies on the bcg being fully seated to operate. I wonder if the little extension required for the folder leaves enough slop to still allow the receiver to pop up, or if that could create an issue. Anyone that knows Iím eager to find out! Looking to pick up a 7.5Ē 300blk upper palmetto has on sale right now and make the smallest package I can.
Thanks again for your help! Hope everyoneís having an awesome Tuesday!
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