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So, while I was shooting the pics above, I thought I'd gather all my Mayo goodness for a family shot:


The top four are unique in that the Dr. Death (top knife) has a CF front side with Mosaic pins and a Stellite 6K blade. The next two down are the new Covert and a Black Ops, so both completely non magnetic. #4 is a true TNT as it has Titanium scales and a Talonite blade.

Below that is a TMX and a TNT with steel blade and hardware. Those two are my user Mayos. The TNT more than the TMX. I am lucky to be able to carry some custom knives mostly hand made by a friend that I can count on even if things get rough. I've got a t-shirt from Tom with the logo "Rockhardtoolsdesguised as art". It's a true statement!

The bottom three are Mayo collaborations with Buck Knives. probably the nicest modern folding knives Buck has ever made. The top one is a Buck 172CFSLE. Basically a limited production Mayo TNT design with a CF presentation scale and an S30V blade. It's perhaps the coolest production knife I own. The Buck 172 series is based on the same profile as the TNT I carry and the new Covert I just got. Under that is a plain Buck 172 with Ti scales and an S30V blade. It's my preferred knife for airline travel as it's cool, useful and I wouldn't be heartbroken if it got stolen from my checked bag like I would with a real Mayo custom. The bottom knife is a Buck Mayo 171 which is a mini version of his 25th anniversary Bowie. It's a cute little knife with a 2.5" S30V blade, so still a useful knife in places where size is an issue.
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