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Originally Posted by etwinam View Post
I wish i could afford a Mayo. I have a MDD-K which is a production version of his Mayo Dr Death. It qas made my Wingman edc and man it is a nice knife. I hope soke day i could grab one of his customs and a kirby lambert too.
I know some of the guys involved with the Wingman EDC project and they are good people. They are doing legit collaborations with the makers like Tom, not just ripping off their designs.

I have two Mayo customs that I EDC and a Buck 172 TNT that I take when traveling by airplane (not lately!). I love his ergonomic designs and the simplicity of his designs.

While I have a custom Dr. Death and a Black Ops, those don't get used as they are part of the collection for posterity and pretty valuable at this point.

I've thought of getting one of the Wingman EDCs to have a Dr. Death Jr. for factor that I could carry and not worry about the value diminishing too much due to wear and tear.

The Mayo customs I already EDC have been carried for years, so resale value is not a big consideration (TMX and Medium TNT).

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